Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall......finally, knitting weather!

As we finally see the temperatures dip to pleasing numbers, many of us are kicking the holiday knitting into high gear!

I just finished some of the Dayflower Fingerless Gloves (Hand Jive) for my daughter for Christmas (ssshhhh!) and fell in love with the yarn and the quickly worked, well-written pattern. Am currently trying to find someone else to make some for so I can do another pair! We have re-ordered the pattern as it flew out the door at amazing speed, and should have more in a day or two. Only one skein of the Hand Jive Nature's Palette makes it a very economical gift.

Shelley just finished a hat out of the Aysen yarn from Araucania. It is a beautifully soft yarn, and the colors really pop once they are knit up. I don't think that how it looks on the hank does it justice. Come see it for yourself.....another quick gift idea!

The "Kiss the Baby" sweater has been completed by Lynn Anne and is in the shop! You need to come check out the model and get signed up for the class which begins in January. It is a really cute sweater, and a great introduction to cables!

We are headed to Fredericksburg this weekend for a fall knitting retreat, with a Saturday trip to the Kid 'n Ewe Wool Festival in Boerne. Shelley and I (as well as an employee or two!) are more than ready to walk out the door and leave the kids and their troubles behind - as well as the spouses and pets - and have a glorious weekend with friends, fiber, a bit of wine, and mostly, chocolate! We love having the chance to spend a bit of time away from the shop, getting to know some of our customers better, and getting some REAL knitting time in. It promises to be a fantastic weekend, and I hope that if you aren't coming with us, you will have the chance to attend one of our retreats in the future - we always have fun! (Don't worry, the shop will be open this weekend!)

As we begin to enter the holiday season, it is important to remember what an amazing creative link there is between us and our ancestors. I remember watching my Mom knit those Christmas stockings year 'round (tho' usually quite close to Christmas!) for family and friends, and marvel at how quickly she would move, with such sure fingers, having knit them so many times, she really didn't need to look at the pattern! I feel a tremendous connection to her through knitting, and now have a bit of a sense of how she must've felt knitting for those she loved so very dearly. We hope that this holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Festivus you will tap into that creative link, and allow yourself to experience the loving connection to holidays past through knitting or crocheting for those you dearly love.
Happy knitting!

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