Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wrap Me Up Knit-Along - Group 2

Here's the second group of Wrap Me Up Shawls:

Pattern: Wrap Me Up by Knitting at Knoon Designs
Ravelry details here: Wrap Me Up on Ravelry

NORO Silk Garden seems to be the yarn chosen most often for the Wrap Me Up pattern, but we've seen several wonderful shawls in different yarn choices as well. On the right, Gayle's Wrap Me Up is knit with NORO Kureyon.

I'm sure there are many other completed Wrap Me Up's out there, and I'd love to take a photo -- email me or the shop and we'll work out details for an informal photo shoot (or you can send us your photo to post on the blog)

Happy Knitting!

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ChrisdL said...

Wow! The shawls look fantastic. It's a pleasure, always, to see the great variety and the personality of each one -- so different from all the others.

Best wishes,

Chris de Longpre
Knitting At KNoon Designs, LLC