Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twisted Yarns Knitalong :: Lizard Ridge

At Twisted Yarns, we've been involved with many knitalongs, but this was probably one of the most ambitious -- not only did we have to each knit squares for the Lizard Ridge (2 or 3 squares each), we also had to keep it a secret from Lynn Anne, our co-worker and friend whose daughter Ashley was the intended recipient. (Ashley is also a former Twisted Yarns employee and she married Phillip in May 2008).

Shelley had already knit her own Lizard Ridge, on display at the shop. She used Noro Kureyon and knit hers in strips rather than squares. Eve is currently working on one as well, but her Lizard Ridge will require no seaming -- she's knitting Version 2 of the Lizard Ridge in a single colorway. I'm knitting the squares and am buying the Kureyon two skeins at a time. I can usually manage to knit a square in a weekend and it's a great way to experience the new colors of Kureyon as they come out. It's likely that no two squares of mine will be the same colorway.

Seaming Lizard Ridge

Click here for a Lizard Ridge slideshow

If you have rogue Kureyon skeins in your stash or are looking for a great project using one of our favorite yarns, print the pattern and stop by and let us help you get started. If you're a Ravelry member, there are two groups that might interest you: Nuts for Noro and Lizard Ridge KAL.

Happy Knitting!

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